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Adding Approvals to Custom Workflows

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Account admins can add approvals to custom workflows.

Add approvals to your workflow if you want to:

  • Automatically create an approval in a task, folder, or project when the status is changed.

  • Predefine a change of task/project status based on approver decisions.

  • Add files to the approval upon status change.

Add approvals to your workflow

  1. Click your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner.

  2. Select Settings from the drop-down.

  3. Click Workflow in the left panel.

  4. Select the workflow to which you want to add approvals or create a new one.

  5. Click the status for which you want to add an approval.

  6. Click Add approval.

  7. Next, you can:

    1. Select approvers for tasks/projects in the selected status. When a task/project status changes to the selected one, the approval is created automatically with the chosen approvers.

    2. Assign the task creator as an approver upon status change.

    3. Set up a due date for the created approval. Here you can enter the number of days in which the approval process should be finished. If you need the task/project to be approved the same day the status is changed, enter 0 days into the field.

    4. Select to finish the approval automatically when all approvers have given their decisions.

    5. Set up automatic status change in case the task/project is approved or rejected.

  8. Accounts with File Approvals can additionally select to add files for approval upon status change. You have three options:

    1. Add all files automatically. All the attached files from a task/project will be added for approval.

    2. Add files from previous approval. Files from the previous approval are added to the new one, launched upon the status change.

    3. Require file selection. You'll be asked to select files for approval after the status change.

  9. Close the status window.

  10. Click Save in the upper right-hand corner.

The approval process is launched automatically upon the status change, and all the approvers receive notifications in their Inbox. When the approval process is finished, the approval panel disappears, a new record is added to the approvals history and the task or project stream, and the status changes automatically (if configured at Step 7 above). Please note, the status changes only after the approval is finished.


When you choose to start an approval upon status change together with requiring file selection, changing the status in any other view except for Task view will create a draft approval only and won’t launch it. The user who started the approval and the approval assignee will receive an Inbox notification that a file needs to be added to the approval.