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Comparison Mode in Proofing

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Compare files or versions of one file by using the comparison mode. When you enter comparison mode, by default, files are displayed side by side in one window.

From comparison mode you can:

  • See all the changes made to both files or file versions in one place.

  • Work with two files in review simultaneously.

  • Leave comments on both files.

  • Approve or require additional changes.

  • Switch between files and versions.

Open attachments in comparison mode

  1. Open a file from the task, project, or folder attachments.

  2. Click the Compare icon in the upper-right corner of the workspace.

  3. Select the file (or version of the same file) with which you want to compare it.

You can also select multiple files from the attachments section and click the Files button that appears in the panel above.

To compare files from different locations (different tasks, folders, or projects) inside one project, folder, or space:

  • Navigate to the selected folder, project, or space.

  • Switch to Files view.

  • Select file(s) you want to compare.

  • Click the Files button on the panel above the list of files.

Both files open in comparison mode.


You can also select one file (with multiple versions) in the list of attachments or in Files view and click the Versions button to open its versions in comparison mode.

Overlay comparison

While in comparison mode you can choose to look at different files (or versions of files) in the overlay mode. This way files are displayed layered. To switch to overlay mode:

  1. Open files in comparison mode.

  2. In the panel above the file, in preview, click the Overlay icon.

  3. If you want to go back to the side-by-side comparison, click the Side by side icon in the same panel.

In the overlay comparison mode, you can drag the split bar within the Proofing window to switch between files. Or, you can drag a file within the window to see its full preview.


Not all files can be opened in the overlay comparison mode. The list of supported file formats includes all images, PSD, TIFF, SVG, HEIC, and PDF.