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Creating Subfolders

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All users can view subfolders in Wrike. All users except collaborators can create and edit subfolders.

Subfolders live within parent folders and help you organize your workspace. Apart from their location within the folder structure, subfolders have the same properties as folders. You can add tasks, color-code, share, and even add additional levels of subfolders.

It's possible for a subfolder to have multiple parent folders or projects. These are generally referred to as tags.

Subfolders are automatically shared with all users who have access to the parent folder, but users in Enterprise accounts can use selective sharing to change this.

Create a subfolder

Because subfolders are just folders inside other folders, they can be created in the same way.

  1. Navigate to the space where you want to create a subfolder and then open the folder you'll use as a parent folder.

    • Use the green + in the top right of your workspace next to your profile picture and select Project or Folder from the drop-down 1.


    • Right-click the folder in the left-hand navigation panel of the space and choose Add project or folder from the drop-down 2.

  2. Enter your subfolder's name 1.

  3. Choose the subfolder's default workflow 2.

  4. Select the Folder option 3. Depending on how you created the folder, it may already be selected.

  5. Choose the default view for your subfolder 4.

  6. Specify who you want to share the subfolder with 5. By default, it's shared with the users who have access to the parent folder.

Add subfolders and convert folders

You can add a subfolder to a folder or convert a folder into a subfolder easily. Either drag and drop in the left-hand navigation or use tags.

Use drag-and-drop

  1. In the left-hand navigation, find the folder you want to add as a subfolder.

  2. Click and drag it over another folder or project in the left-hand navigation.

  3. Release the mouse.

The folder you dragged is added as a subfolder of the space you dragged it into. It's not copied.

Use tags

  1. In List view use the folder icon to open the info panel of the folder you want to add as a subfolder.

  2. Under its title the folders tags are listed. Click + to add a tag, or hover over and click x to remove it.

  3. When you tag the folder with another folder, it becomes a subfolder there. It also remains accessible in its original location.