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Folder Info Panels

Table 73. Availability






All users can view folder info panels, and all users except collaborators can use them to edit folders.

Folder info panels are a quick way to access relevant information about folders, edit them, and add information or files.

Open a folder's info panel

  1. From the Home page, navigate to the space that contains the relevant folder.

  2. Select a folder from the workspace’s left-hand navigation panel 1.

  3. Click the Folder info icon located in the top right-hand corner of the view 2.

The folder's info panel will open to the right of the panel.

Navigate the folder info panel

From a folder's info panel you can:

  • Tag a folder in additional locations 1.

  • Rename a folder 2.

  • Attach files directly to the folder 3.

  • View and edit who the folder is shared with 4.

  • Change the folder's default workflow 5.

  • View and edit who follows the folder 6.

  • Access a folder’s Permalink or direct email address 7.

  • Use the upper right three-dot menu button 8 to access options to print the info panel, delete the folder, or close the info panel.

  • View the folder's custom fields and edit data in those fields 9.

  • Add information to the folder's description field 10.

  • Add a comment directly to the folder 11.