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Folders in Wrike

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All users can view folders in Wrike, and all users except collaborators can create or edit folders.

Folders, along with tasks, projects, and spaces, are one of the basic items in Wrike. They're used for containing and organizing information.

Add tasks to folders to keep related information in one place or build out your space’s organizational structure and make it easy to find and share information. Unlike tasks and projects, folders aren't actionable items and don't have their own set of attributes. They can be used on a smaller, more detailed level than spaces, which should cover whole teams or departments.

Subfolders have the same properties as folders but allow for easier to use and more detailed space structure.

When to use folders

  • To organize your items and tasks within a space, use folders in the left-hand navigation panel to create a structure that makes it easy to find and save information.

  • To group related tasks such as meeting agendas, notes, to-do items, issues or risks, or ad hoc requests.

  • To add tags to tasks. This allows you to keep one task in multiple folders and makes it easier for teams to find information and understand how things fit within the structure.