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My To-Do

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My to-do is a smart folder in Wrike that is created automatically in your Personal space when you join an account. It contains:

  • All tasks and subtasks that are assigned to you

  • Tasks that you manually added to My to-do

  • Tasks with file approvals to which you have been added as an approver


If you do not see some of these tasks in My to-do, check the applied filters.

Add existing tasks to my to-do

You can manually add a task or a subtask that is not assigned to you to My to-do:

  1. Open a task in the Task view.

  2. Click the pin icon 1 that appears in the upper-right corner of the Task view.

Alternatively, you can right-click on any task in List view and select Add to My to-do 2 from the menu that appears. The task is immediately added to My to-do.


Projects and folders can’t be added to My to-do.

Create tasks from My to-do

Tasks created from My to-do are automatically assigned to you. They are created as backlogged and always get the first active status of the default workflow.

  1. Go to your personal space 1 and click on the My to-do 2 folder.

  2. Click Add new 3 next to the dropdown reading Task above your list of tasks.

  3. Enter a title for your task 4.

  4. Press Enter 5 on your keyboard.

The task is created and added to the top of the list in My to-do. It's also automatically added to the Shared with me folder.


When you leave the My to-do folder, the task might change position in the list according to your sorting settings.

Customize My to-do view

  • Filter tasks 1 to show only active tasks, only overdue tasks, or all tasks.

  • Sort tasks 2 by priority, date, date modified, date created, status, importance, or title.

  • Use mass actions 3 within My to-do to quickly edit multiple tasks at the same time.

  • Display tasks and their subtasks assigned to you as a plain list: subtasks won't be hidden under their parent tasks and will be shown in the list alongside the parents.

    To do that, click on the three-dot menu button in the upper-right corner of the view 4 and select Plain 5. Alternatively, to group subtasks back underneath their parent tasks on the view, select Hierarchical under the same toggle button.

  • Make task cards look bigger on the view. You can enlarge each task card in My to-do by clicking the same three-dot menu button in the upper-right corner and selecting Two-line 6 in the Task card display section of the menu. After doing so, the tasks' statuses are shown under the title and all information on the task cards is displayed across two lines. If you select One-line, the tasks in My to-do will look as regular tasks do in List view.

Remove tasks from My to-do

  1. Open a task in the Task view.

  2. Click the pin icon that appears in the upper-right corner of the Task view.

The task will be immediately removed from My to-do, but it will stay assigned to you if it was before. Alternatively, if a task is assigned to you and you haven't manually pinned it to My to-do, you can simply unassign it from yourself to remove it from My to-do. Or in List view, right-click on a task, and, in the menu that appears, select Remove from My to-do.

To remove multiple tasks from My to-do:

  1. Open My to-do (or select tasks that assigned to you from the List view).

  2. Click on the mass edit icon Mass_Selection_Icon.png 1 on the panel above the task list.

  3. Select tasks you want to delete from My to-do 2.

  4. Right-click one of the tasks 3.

  5. Select Remove from My to-do 4.