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Created by Me

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Created by me is a smart folder in Wrike that is created automatically in your Personal space when you join an account. It contains:

  • All tasks that you created

  • All tasks created upon your submission of a request form


If you do not see some of these tasks in the folder, check the applied filters.


Tasks are added into Created by me automatically, and existing items can't be added manually to this folder. But you can create new tasks in it.

Create tasks from Created by me

In Created by me, tasks are created as backlogged, without assignee, and always get the first active status of the default workflow.

  1. Go to your personal space 1 and click on the Created by me 2 folder.

  2. Click add new 3 that appears above the list of tasks, next to the dropdown which reads Task.

  3. Enter a title for your task 4.

  4. Press Enter 5 on your keyboard.

The task is created and added to the top of the list in Created by me. It's also automatically added to the Shared with me folder.


When you leave the Created by me folder, the task might change position in the list according to your sorting settings.

Customize Created by me view

  • Filter tasks 1 to show only active tasks, only overdue tasks, or all tasks.

  • Sort tasks 2 by priority, date, date modified, date created, status, importance, or title.

  • Use mass actions 3 within Created by me to quickly edit multiple tasks at the same time.