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Shared With Me

Table 4. Availability






All users on all accounts can access the Shared with me section in Wrike.

Shared with me contains all the tasks, folders, and projects shared with you by your teammates from parent locations not shared with you.

Additionally, when you delete all the tags from a task, folder, or a project, it's placed in the Shared with me section.

Navigate Shared with me

There are three ways to access Shared with me. You can click Shared with me on the My Home page or in the menu which appears when clicking the Hamburger icon, or use the Launchpad icon at the top of your workspace and then select Shared with me in the window that appears.

What you can see in Shared with me:

  • Tasks shared with you

  • Folders and projects

  • Tools (dashboards, calendars, reports) shared with you. These will show up here if they belong to a space where you're not a member or if they don't belong to any space.


You can apply filters and change sorting to change what you see in the Shared with me section.