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Creating a Folder or Project Blueprint

Table 75. Availability






All users except collaborators can create blueprints.

Blueprints can be created from scratch or an existing task, project, or folder. This page describes how to create a folder or project blueprint from scratch.

Create a folder or project blueprint

  1. Navigate to Blueprints.

  2. Click the + icon next to Projects and folders in the left-hand navigation panel.

  3. Enter a project or folder name 1.

  4. If necessary, change the type of item that will be created: a folder or project 2.

  5. Specify the location of your blueprint 3.


    You can tag a blueprint only with another blueprint (i.e., you can’t designate a folder/project from the main folder tree as a parent folder/project of a blueprint).

  6. For projects: Specify project owners 4 and a start and finish date 5.

  7. Choose the default view of the folder or project 6.

  8. Specify who you want to share the folder/project with 7.

  9. Click Create 8.

Now you can create any relevant tasks and subtasks that will be necessary when using your blueprint.

Add data to your tasks and subtasks, as necessary. Fill in data for as many task attributes as you can (such as duration, assignees, descriptions, and attachments).