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Task Templates

Table 82. Availability






All users except collaborators can create task templates.

Create a task template inside a template folder in your account. You can duplicate it to quickly and easily launch new tasks.

Create a task template

Your template is ready to use as soon as all of your information is added. To use a template, simply duplicate it, rename it, and move it to the appropriate location.

  1. Go to your Templates folder (or create one if this is your first time creating a template). You may want to create a Task Templates subfolder inside your Templates folder.

  2. Add a new task to the folder. This task is going to be your template, so we recommend giving it a descriptive name, e.g., Weekly Meeting Template.

  3. Add relevant details to your task. Include any information that will be useful when you use the template. For example, you can add text in the task description, add assignees, set start and end dates, and more.

How to use a task template

  1. Navigate to the task template in List view.

  2. Right-click and select Duplicate from the drop-down 1.

  3. In the pop-up, customize the item that will be created to suit your needs:

    • Change the title of the item you'll create 2.

    • Choose a location 3. If no location is selected the new item will be added to your Personal space.

    • Choose what to copy from the template 4: tasks, descriptions, attachments, assignees, and custom fields values.

    • Reschedule the item to be created and enter a new start and end date 5. This will reschedule all tasks within the item respectively.

    • (Optional) check Add another 6 so that the dialog box remains open and you can duplicate another task (you can configure each task differently using this option).

    • Click Duplicate 7.

    A new version of your template is created in the specified location and can now be used.