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Saving a Folder or Project as a Blueprint

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All users except collaborators can save folders and projects as blueprints.

Saving a folder or project as a blueprint allows you to easily use it as a template for future work.

Save a folder or project as a blueprint

  1. Navigate to a folder or project.

  2. Right-click the folder or project name in the left-hand navigation panel and select Save as blueprint from the drop-down 1.

  3. Enter the name of the blueprint 2.

  4. (Optional) Enter a title prefix, which will be added as a prefix to the name of tasks, subprojects, and subfolders created using the blueprint 3.

  5. Select the blueprint folder or project where you want to save it 4.


    If you don’t select a location, your blueprint will be saved at the top level under Blueprints.

  6. Under What to copy check the box to the left of Tasks to include duplicates of all the folder or project's tasks and subtasks in a blueprint 5.

    • Customize how the tasks should be duplicated: with or without description, attachments, assignees, and custom field values.

    • Reschedule tasks. Leave the Reschedule box unchecked to make the task dates identical to scheduled dates in the original folder or project. Check this box to set the start date of the first task or due date of the last task in the folder or project. All other tasks will be rescheduled accordingly.

  7. Click Save 6.