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Locking Tracked Time

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All account users, except for external users and collaborators, can lock time periods on Timelog view unless it’s restricted by their access role.

When working on a project after reviewing your employees' time entries, you can lock project dates to prevent the entries from being edited. Use this feature prior to creating payrolls or preparing invoices for your clients or before exporting employees’ time entries from Wrike.

Lock time entries

  1. Navigate to a folder, project, or space that contains tasks with required time entries.

  2. Switch to Timelog view.

  3. Click Lock or unlock dates in the upper-right corner of the view.

  4. In the pop-up window, select the time frame you want to lock the entries for.

  5. Click Lock.

All time entries added within the dates you selected in Step 4 are now locked. A pop-up with the Undo button will appear for a short time. A message that particular dates are locked appears in the folder, project, or space stream as well as in the stream of all tasks within.