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Customizing Timelog View

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All users, except for collaborators, can customize Timelog view.

Timelog view allows you to see all time entries added to tasks in certain folders, projects, or spaces. There are a few ways for you to customize the view to quickly see only relevant time entries or just make it more convenient to overview the timelog.

Customize Timelog view

Filter the timelog

You can filter time entries by user, date, category, lock*, billing type*, or export status**.

  1. Select a folder, project, or space from the workspace’s left navigation panel.

  2. Switch to Timelog view.

  3. Click the filters icon in the upper-left corner of the view to open the filter panel.

  4. Check the boxes next to one or more of the filters.

* This option is available in accounts with Wrike for Professional Services package and Wrike Resource add-on.

** This option is only available in Wrike for Professional Services Performance package.

View timelog entries for certain tasks

  1. Right-click a row with an entry for the task.

  2. Select Show all entries for this task.

Group and ungroup timelog entries

By default, timelog entries are grouped by user and date, but you can also group entries by task title, time spent, project or folder, category, comment, billing type, lock, or export status.

To group entries:

  1. Click the plus icon to the right of Group by (located at the top of the view).

  2. Select a grouping from the list.

If you don’t apply any grouping to the view, you’ll see the Add grouping button instead of the plus icon.

To remove a grouping:

  1. Hover over an applied grouping option listed at the top of the view.

  2. Click the X icon that appears.

Hide columns

Hide columns to simplify your view or add columns to see more information. Any column, apart from Task Title, can be hidden from view. To do this, click the gear icon on the upper-left corner of the view and use the checkboxes to the left of each column title to either hide a column from view or make it visible.

Sort columns

Sort data in columns by ascending or descending order. To do this, click the column title to sort by ascending order. Click the same title again to sort by descending order.

Change column order

Rearrange columns so that they appear in the order that makes the most sense for you. To do this, click and hold the name of the column you want to move and drag it to the appropriate location.