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Report Templates

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Report templates help you quickly create reports so you can gain more visibility into your projects, see how work is progressing, or assess what work still needs to be assigned.

Help team members, executives, or clients gain insight into projects by sharing reports with them.

Available templates

Active tasks by assignee

What the report shows: all active tasks, grouped by the assignee and within specified folders or projects (you choose the folders or projects)

When to use:

  • To see how many tasks each team member has assigned to them

  • To see how tasks within a project are assigned and check who's working on what

  • To see how many and which tasks are assigned to you and what's on your to-do list.

Weekly project status

What the report shows: selected projects (you select the projects), with columns so you can see the status, finish date, and owner of the project

When to use:

  • To see how a project (or projects) are progressing

  • To monitor which projects the team is working on, and the right contact for each

Overdue tasks by assignee

What the report shows: overdue tasks from specified folders or projects (you choose the folders/projects), grouped by the assignee. You have the option to see all assignees or only specific users

When to use:

  • To see which overdue tasks you (or teammates have)

  • To monitor what projects are falling behind and which team members may need help

Projects due this month

What the report shows: Selected projects that are due this month. The report includes owner, status, and finish date columns so you can track progress over the course of the month

When to use:

  • To track project status as the due date approaches

  • To monitor which projects are due that month

  • To see if any key project deadlines were missed

Unassigned tasks

What the report shows: unassigned tasks from specified folders/projects (you choose the folders/projects). Columns on the report show task name, status, and due date.

When to use:

  • To see which tasks need to be assigned

Time spent this week

What the report shows: a list of timelog entries for this week from specified folders and projects. You have the option to select users and groups whose timelog entries you want to include in the report

When to use:

  • To see how much time was spent on a project this week

Team utilization (beta)


The team utilization report template is only available for accounts with the Wrike for Professional Services package or Wrike Resource add-on enabled.

What the report shows:

  • The total capacity of each employee for the chosen time period. Note: Currently, the default capacity on the report is eight hours per day or 40 hours per week, and it can’t be changed

  • The total amount of time each employee spent performing tasks based on the timelog entries

  • The total amount of billable and non-billable working time

  • Billable utilization of each employee, calculated by dividing total billable time by capacity

  • Total utilization of each employee, calculated by dividing total time spent by capacity

When to use:

  • To see how much of your employees’ time is spent on billable and non-billable tasks

  • To check the overall utilization of your employees’ capacity

  • To check the productive utilization of each employee

Use a remplate

  1. Go to the Home page.

  2. Click Reports to the left of the view.

  3. Select a report template option.

  4. Follow on-screen prompts to choose what's shown on your report. You'll choose what folders and projects to report on and, for some reports, which users or user groups to include.

  5. Click Create Report.