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Reports in Wrike

Table 40. Availability






All account users can use Reports in Wrike. External users and collaborators can only view reports shared with them. Other users can create and manage reports.

Wrike Reports are customizable reports that you can build to quickly gather the data you need from your tasks and projects. Each time you open or refresh your report, it automatically updates to include the most up-to-date data that meets your report’s criteria.

For example, you can create a report to see all active tasks from your team’s folder. Whenever you open or refresh the report, it automatically updates so you see only currently active tasks.

You can see the full list of reports created by you and shared with you by clicking Reports on the right side of your Home page.

Benefits of Wrike Reports

  • Save time: Wrike Reports automatically update with new information each time they’re opened, which means that you don’t have to spend time putting together weekly reports.

  • Gain big picture visibility: Gain insights into the performance of all of your projects and teams.

  • Manage expectations: See what's bogging down the team, what's past due, and where breakdowns occur.

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