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Calculations on Reports

Table 8. Availability







Calculated Fields can be enabled from Wrike Labs by account admins.

This is an experimental feature, and as a result, it may have bugs, is subject to change, and may be discontinued at any time. Please feel free to use the feedback links in Wrike Labs to share your thoughts on this beta feature.

Calculated Fields in Wrike Reports allow you to make calculations based on data from Wrike fields (select system fields and custom fields).


Important information

  • When you create a Calculated Field, data is calculated on a task-by-task basis, data at the folder or project level is calculated via the formula, it is not aggregated from tasks.

  • Fields should have unique names in order to be used in Calculated Field formulas.


Create calculated fields

Regular users can create Calculated Fields from task and project table reports, which they've created.

  1. Open a report.

  2. Click the gear icon located in the report’s upper left-hand corner.

  3. Click + New Field in the Calculated fields section.

  4. In the pop-up window that opens, enter a field name and the formula you want to use. There’s a detailed explanation on how to write formulas below.

  5. Click Create.

The new Calculated Field is added to your report as a new column.


Write a formula

Calculated Fields are defined by formulas which trigger calculations on the data.

Example: ([Custom Field name x]-[Custom Field name y])*2

Reference a Field

  1. Click the plus sign in the Formula field’s lower right-hand corner.

  2. Select a field from the list.


If you know the name of the field you want to include in the formula, just type its name in brackets. For example: [Cost].

What You Can Include in Formulas

You can pull data from

  • Custom fields: number, currency, percentage, duration, date

  • Default system fields: duration, time spent, date

  • Calculated Fields

You can also include

  • Constants (e.g., numbers)

Supported Operations

  • Addition: +

  • Subtraction: -

  • Multiplication: *

  • Division: /

  • Today: TODAY()

In addition to the above, use parentheses to designate the order of operations.


Possible formulas and resulting data types

Custom fields can have different data types (e.g., number, percentage, text, etc.). A Calculated Field’s data type depends on the data types of the custom fields used in its formula.

The table below shows which custom fields can be included together in formulas and what the resulting data type would be.


  • Duration custom fields and Time spent are calculated by hours.

  • The Duration system field (i.e., duration of tasks and projects) is treated as days.

How to read the table

  • Find the intersection of the two custom field types you want to include in your formula. Operations that can be performed between those two custom field types are listed.

  • The color of operation designates what Calculated Field's data type is. Constant, Currency, Date, Days, Hours, Number, Percentage

  Constant Currency Date Days Hours Number Percentage
Constant +, -, x, /  +, -, x, / +, - +, -, x, / +, -, x, / +, -, x, / +, -, x, /
Currency +, -, x, / +, -, /   x, / x, / +, -, x, / x, /
Date +, -   - +, -    +, -   
Days +, -, x, /  x, /  +, - +, -, /   +, -, x, /  x, / 
Hours +, -, x, /  x, /      +, -, / +, -, x, /   x, / 
Number +, -, x, /  +, -, x, /  +, - +, -, x, /  +, -, x, /  +, -, x, /  +, -, x, / 
Percentage +, -, x, /  x, /    x, /  x, /  +, -, x, /  +, -, x, / 

Add an existing Calculated Field

Add any existing Calculated Fields which reference fields included in the report. You must be the report creator to add Calculated Fields.

Add an existing field:

  1. Open the report where you want to add a calculated field.

  2. Click the gear icon in the upper left-hand corner.

  3. You’ll see all fields which you can add to the report. Check the box to the left of a field’s name to add it.


Edit a Calculated Field

Edit any Calculated Fields in reports you’ve created.

  1. Hover over a field’s title in a report.

  2. Click the caret icon.

  3. Select Edit Field.

A pop-up window opens where you can make changes to the field. Your changes are saved and go into effect anywhere the Calculated Field is used.


Delete a Calculated Field

Delete Calculated Fields in reports you’ve created.

  1. Hover over a field’s title in a report.

  2. Click the caret icon.

  3. Select Edit Field.

  4. Click Delete.

  5. Click Yes, delete to confirm your decision.

The field is deleted and no longer available on any report where it was previously added.