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Editing Users' Names and Emails

Table 2. Availability






By default, admins have the right to edit users' names and email addresses associated with their accounts. Admins on enterprise accounts may have this right disabled.

Each Wrike user has one specified name and at least one specified email address. Names will help identify users and allow them to be tagged, added to tasks, etc. Email addresses will receive notifications as settings allow, and may be used to communicate important messages about changes to Wrike.

Edit users' names and emails

  1. Click your profile image in the workspace's upper right-hand corner.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Under Account Management select Users in the left-hand menu 1.

  4. Click the name or profile image of the user whose profile you want to edit 2.

  5. Click Edit settings.

  6. In the user’s panel:

    • Edit a name: Click the user's first or last name and then enter the updated name 3.

    • Add an email address: Click Add email address 4 and enter the new email. Note that after you add an email, the user whose profile you're editing receives an email with a confirmation link, which they must click to confirm their email.

    • Remove an email address: Hover over an email and click the x that appears to the right. You can't remove a verified email if a user doesn't have another verified email.

  7. Click Save changes.