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Attachments in Wrike

Table 120. Availability






All users (including collaborators) on all account types can attach files to tasks, folders, and projects.

Give teammates easy access to relevant documents by attaching files directly to your tasks, folders, and projects in Wrike. All attachments are displayed under the description field. You'll see up to three attachments, but you can click Show all files at the bottom of the list to see all of the attachments.

Work with attachments in Wrike

You can:

  • Right-click a file icon to access the action item menu.

  • Select a file, then use the icons at the top of the attachment section to:

    • Add/remove files from review.

    • Download, edit, or delete files.

    • Upload a new version of a file.

    • Compare files and/or file versions.

  • If you don't see the icon you need, click the three-dot menu for a list of options.

  • Select multiple files to interact with more than one file at a time. Use the icons at the top of the attachment section to add/remove files from review, download, compare, or delete files.


Use the approval process to place files in review. Read more about files in Approvals.