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Editing Attachments

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Wrike’s Document Editor allows Windows and Mac users to easily edit files without having to download and reupload them.


Before proceeding: The first time you edit a document, you'll be prompted to download and install Wrike’s Document Editor. The file editing option is available for all Microsoft Office or OpenOffice documents, Adobe Photoshop files, PDF files, and image files (PNG and JPEG).

Edit an attached file using Wrike's Document Editor

There are multiple ways to open an attachment for editing. From the Task view and folder, or project info panels:

  • Right-click a file in the list of attachments and then select Edit. 1

  • Check the box next to an attachment, 2 then click Edit. 3

  • Hover over an attachment in the Activity Stream and then click the edit (pen) icon.


You can open the document editor directly from the file viewer. Open any file and click the Edit icon (look for the pencil in the upper right-hand corner of the view).

From Dashboards:

  1. Navigate to Dashboards.

  2. Create a Files dashboard widget (or open the dashboard where this widget is located).

  3. Find the needed file on this widget.

  4. Right-click the file and select Edit.

From Files view:

  1. Navigate to the selected folder, project, or space and switch to Files view.

  2. Find the file you want to edit in the list of all files.

  3. Right-click the file and select Edit.

Your file opens in the default program for that file type, and you can edit your file as you normally would. When you save your document and close the window, a new version of your file is automatically uploaded to Wrike.


Files uploaded from a cloud storage platform (such as Google Drive) can be edited using the storage platform’s own editing tools. To edit this type of file, click the file attachment in Wrike.

Locked attachments

When you open an attachment in a compatible application, it automatically locks. A lock icon is added to the attachment in Wrike, and the file can’t be opened by other users. The file unlocks when it's closed or after four hours (even if the file isn't closed).

You can force an attachment to unlock by hovering over the attachment and clicking the unlock icon.


If you force an attachment to unlock and begin editing it, a separate version of the file is uploaded to Wrike when each user closes their version of the attachment.

Compatible Applications:


  • MS Office 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016

  • WordPad

  • Paint

Mac OS X:

  • MS Office 2011 and 2016

If you open an attachment with non-compatible applications, the lock feature doesn't work. Multiple users will be able to open and edit file attachments. Each edited version of the attachment is uploaded to Wrike as a new version and won't include changes made by other users.