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Baseline Chart in Analytics View

Table 89. Availability






The Baseline Chart compares tasks' current scheduled start and end dates to start and end dates tasks had on the date you specify. On the Baseline Chart, tasks are represented as bars, which stretch from the tasks' scheduled start to end dates. Each task has two bars: the one on top appears in a solid color and represents the task’s current scheduled dates, while the one on bottom has striped, diagonal lines and represents the task’s original scheduled dates. Task bars appear in one of five colors on the Baseline Chart:

  • Active tasks are blue.

  • Overdue tasks are red.

  • Completed tasks are green.

  • Canceled tasks are grey.

  • Deferred tasks are purple.

Change the baseline date

You can choose which date you'd like to compare the current task’s scheduled dates to.

  1. Click the date that appears in the chart’s upper left-hand corner.

  2. Select the appropriate date from the calendar pop-up that appears.

Customize what's displayed on the chart

  1. Click the three-dot menu button (located in the upper right-hand corner above the chart).

  2. Select Edit from the drop-down list.

  3. Click the drop-down arrow to the left of Include tasks. Here you'll see options to include tasks assigned to everyone or specific user(s), or created by anyone or specific user(s).

  4. In the Show section, you can use the toggles to show or hide:

    1. Subfolders

    2. Tasks in parent folders (tasks from the current folder, project, or space)

    3. Tasks scheduled as milestones