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Creating Projects

Table 2. Availability






All users except collaborators can create projects.

Projects are one of the main ways to organize, manage, and report on work within Wrike. Use projects to manage a group of tasks that are part of a larger goal.

Projects enable you to track the status and due dates separately from your tasks while adding information directly to the project itself: project owner, start date, end dates, custom fields, plus any attachments or conversations that the project team will want to access.

Create a project

  1. You can start creating a new project in three ways:

    • Use the green + in the top right of your workspace next to your profile picture, and select Project or Folder from the drop-down.

    • Hover over the Projects and Folders title in the left-hand menu of a space and click the + that appears.

    • Right-click a project or folder in the left-hand menu of a space, select Add, and choose Project in the drop-down.

  2. Enter your project's name.

  3. Choose your project's location. This can be a project, folder, or space.


    By default the location where you created the project is selected. If you create a project from your home screen or Inbox, your Personal space is the default.

  4. Select one or more project owners.

  5. Specify the project start and end date.

  6. If you're using Wrike for Professional Services or the Wrike Resource add-on, choose your project Billing type.

  7. Choose the project's default workflow. Your project is created with the first status in this workflow.

  8. Select the Project option. Depending on how you created the project it may already be selected.

  9. Choose the default view for your project.

  10. Specify who you want to share the project with.

  11. Click Create.

Your project is created, and you can edit its settings at any time.