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Project Owners

Table 51. Availability






All users can be added as project owners. All users except for collaborators can add and delete owners from the projects that they have full or editor access to.

The owner's attribute allows you to clearly indicate the person or people who are responsible for a project.

When you add a user as a project owner:

  • The project is automatically shared with the user (if it wasn't shared previously). You'll see a pop-up notification with the “Undo” button on it. If you click the button, the project will be unshared from the user immediately.

  • They receive an email notification about the change (depending on their email notification settings).

  • A note is added to the project's Activity Stream.

  • The user's profile image appears in the owner's field.


When you add a user as a project owner they get full access role by default. While you can't unshare a project from an owner, you can still restrict their access role.

Add a project owner

  1. Locate or create the project that you want to add an owner to.

  2. Click the title to open the project info panel.

  3. Click the + button next to Owners 1.

  4. Search for the relevant user and click their name 2.


To remove a project owner simply hover over their profile picture and click the x that appears.