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Editing Projects

Table 48. Availability






All users except collaborators can edit projects.

When you create a project you set a number of attributes, which can be edited at any time.

Edit projects

There are two ways to access your project's settings.

  • From the project info panel, navigate to the project you want to edit. Click it to open the project info panel on the right. Click the relevant field to edit it.

  • Right-click the project you want to edit in the left-hand navigation panel of a space, and from the drop-down select the editing option you want. Not all folder features can be edited from this menu.


You can edit:

  • Project name 1

  • Sharing settings 2

  • Default workflows of tasks and subprojects in the project 3

  • Project status 4

  • Project description (from the info panel only) 5

  • Location of the project (from the info panel only) 6

  • Start and end dates (from the info panel only) 7

  • Project owners (from the info panel only) 8

  • Billing settings (from the info panel only, for users of Wrike for Professional Services or the Wrike Resource add-on) 9

  • Date rollup settings (from the info panel only)

  • Project progress settings (from the info panel only) 10

  • Project color (from right-clicking only)