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Customizing Calendars

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All users, including collaborators, can customize the view of calendars they have access to.

You can customize your calendars and layers in Wrike so they show you exactly the information you need. Most of these customizing options will only affect your view of the calendar, not other users it’s shared with.

How to Customize Your Calendars


Add calendars to the grid

Each calendar and layer has a checkbox next to its name. 1 By checking or unchecking the box, you can add or remove tasks and projects of the corresponding calendar or layer from the grid. When you check the box next to a calendar, it automatically checks all its layers.

Display only a specific calendar or layer

Right-click the calendar or layer and select Display this only 2 from the menu that appears.

Display tasks or projects by calendar color or by status color

Click the three-dot menu in a calendar's upper-right corner and select By Calendar color or By status. 3 Both options are available in all time period views.

Show or hide weekends

In week and month views, click the three-dot menu in the calendar's upper-right corner and select Show/Hide weekends. 4

Show or hide week numbers

In week, month, and quarter views, click the three-dot menu in a calendar's upper-right corner and select Show/Hide week numbers. 5 This option is only available if you set Monday as the first day of the week.

Change the way tasks and projects look on calendars

This option only exists in quarter and year views.

  1. Click the three-dot menu in the calendar's upper-right corner.

  2. Select Precise event duration to make the bars that represent the tasks/projects on the calendar grid reflect the exact duration of these tasks/projects.

  3. Select Estimate events to grid to make the bars display an estimated task or project duration.

Your selection will immediately be reflected in the calendar layout.

Show or hide layer grouping

All tasks on the calendar grid are grouped by their calendar layers. In quarterly and yearly views, you can remove or add layer grouping by clicking the three-dot menu in the calendar's upper-right corner and selecting Hide/Show layer grouping.

Switch between calendar and fiscal year

In year view, click the three-dot menu in a calendar's upper-right corner and select Fiscal or Calendar.

Rearrange calendars and layers in the panel

You can change the order of calendars on the panel. And you can move layers either within the same calendar or from one calendar to another. To rearrange the calendars and layers:

  1. Click and hold a calendar or layer that you want to move.

  2. Drag it to the chosen location.

You can now view your calendar or layer in its new location. Moving a layer to a different calendar will change its location for everyone with access to the calendar.

Resize the calendar panel

Hover over the line that separates the calendar panel from the grid until your cursor turns into the resizing arrow Calendars-Resizing_icon.jpg . Click and hold the line and drag left to make the calendar panel wider or right to make it narrower.