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Projects on the Gantt Chart

Table 69. Availability






Gantt Chart can be viewed by all users on all paid accounts.

Switching to the Gantt chart can help you visualize how your project and its tasks are scheduled.

  • To appear on the timeline portion of the Gantt chart, projects must contain at least one task with scheduled start and end dates (or a milestone task).

  • To view all the projects in a specific space, click the space name in the top banner of your workspace or enter it from the Home page, and switch to Gantt Chart view.

How projects appear on the Gantt chart

  • The project’s title is visible on the Gantt chart and the project icon appears to the left of the project’s name 1.

  • Scheduled tasks are displayed underneath the project’s title 2.

  • A bracket, designating the project's time span, appears underneath the project’s title. The bracket’s color corresponds with the project’s status 3.



    If the project has start and end dates scheduled, the bracket spans from the project's start date to its end date, regardless of when tasks within the project are scheduled. If the project doesn't have start and end dates scheduled, the bracket spans from the earliest start date to the latest end date of tasks within the project.